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Your Game Of Thrones Recap Videos + Hype Blog

God dammit that song and intro get the blood moving to all the right places every single time.

For everyone that didn’t have time to rewatch the entire series or even the last season over the last year of proverbial winter, here is a quick recap to refresh you on where everyone stands in Westeros. Who is alive, who is dead as fuck, and who has the juice now.

The Season 7 trailers to give us a preview of where we are going.

And HBO’s season 1-6 recap tells us how we got there, even though it’s almost more of a hype video (just missing some Reggae air horns)

I blogged this last week, but here is Game Radar’s Season 1-6 recap that does a good job explaining how we got here as well.

And here is Game Radar’s Season 6 recap that does a good breakdown of the chaos that happened just last season.

For the sick fucks that want to relive the Red Wedding:

And for people that need to get that awful taste out of their mouth after just reading “The Red Wedding”, here is the Purple Wedding.

Tyrion’s fantastic speech during his trial for Joffrey’s murder.

Before Mayweather-McGregor was a thing, The Mountain vs. The Viper was the fight everyone was talking about.

A fantastic breakdown of that fight by the KFC Radio mamalukes.

Nobody is talking about what would have happened if Feits actually popped KFC’s melon. Guy is about to become a father of two. More reckless than usual for Barstool imho

Jon Snow taking down a motherfucking White Walker.

And the Night’s King letting Jon know shit ain’t over by a longshot.

The underrated opening of the Battle of the Bastards episode where Dany laid the fucking WOOD on all the masters.

And now here is the Battle of the Bastards. Or at least what I could piece together.

I stood that entire battle because I was so nervous. #BarstoolConfessions

And here is Ramsay getting eaten by his dogs because it’s awesome.

(Reminder: Ben McAdoo used this scene to motivate the Giants before a game last season, which is one of the kabillion reasons I love that man).

A little Leroy Jenkins x Jon Snow mashup to lighten the mood.

The INCREDIBLE opening scene of Cersei riding on her enemies in last season’s finale

Fuck it, here’s every death from the entire series.

And the last scene from last season where Dany is sailing towards Westeros and coming for that ass/Iron Throne.

Finally, Charlie Wisco and I will be bringing back our Game of Thrones podcast tonight. We will start recording about 10 minutes after the show airs and it can be watched live on YouTube. There is a chat room for Stoolies that want to talk with each other instead of listening to a couple of fanboys geek out. I will tweet the link out at @TheClemReport once we go live. We will also rip an MP3 of the show for people that can’t watch live and post on SoundCloud like we did last season.

Here is our episode after last season’s finale.

It all starts again tonight. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOO