Pirates Fan Catches Jedd Gyorko's Homer And I Love What He Does With It

I’m usually not in favor of guys catching homers from opposing teams and throwing them back, but this is something I could get behind. Jedd Gyorko homered off Gerrit Cole in the top of the first, and this Pirates fan made a pretty good catch on the ball. What he did next was fantastic. Guy wasted no time throwing that ball as far as he could into the Allegheny River behind right field. I mean he really uncorked that throw. Best part about it was it looks like he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it when he caught it. He had this plan all along. Was probably stuffing his face with Primanti Bros and drinking Rolling Rock when he told his buddies “LISTEN YINZ, IF I CATCH DIS BALL, I’M PRETENDING THAT I’M KORDELL STEWART AND CHUCKING THIS THING IN THE RIVER N AT!” Like Ruth calling his shot. I need to see this at every Pirate game for the rest of the year. San Fran too. Go wild with it.

IDK about you, but I don’t think I’d throw a homer back, regardless of what team hit it. I’ve caught a few foul balls, but never a homer. My favorite was one from Daryl Strawberry in the 1996 ALCS. Hit my dad in the glasses and fell right in my lap. I know homer balls are different, but idk why people throw them back. But I am a fan of what this guy did. Keep that arm loose, you may get a tryout for the Orioles with a cannon like that.