Obviously A Massive Sinkhole Opened Up And Started Eating Houses In Florida


Fucking Florida just can’t stop being Florida. If you live in this place you’re an idiot. That’s really what it comes down to. People that live in Florida and freak out when bad shit happens to them are dumb. Like people that live in flood plaines and cry when it floods. Or people that build houses right on top of where two giant tectonic plates perpetually collide then bitch about earthquakes.

It’s Florida, people. Mother nature simply doesn’t shine on certain places and Florida is one of those places. Zika, hurricanes, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, prehistoric dinosaurs (gators) walking around eating people, and, of course, sinkholes swallowing houses on a Friday morning. Typical Florida. If you don’t want weird, bad shit to happen to you, don’t live in a weird, bad place. Easy. Use your brains one time.