Late Contender For Song Of The Summer Courtesy Of My Pal Big Wet

Stop the presses! We have a last-minute contender for Song of the Summer! Turn Up On The Weekend- Branchez & Big Wet- is just what we needed halfway through July. What a fucking banger!! It’s got a flavor for all tastes, and you can listen to it in any environment: in the car, during sex, at the gym, in a meadow, whatever. Smooth as hell.

Humble brag time: Big Wet is an old friend of mine from my early comedy days in New York. I heard this song a few months ago and have been listening to it ever since. One of those things where you actually enjoy your friend’s work and you’re not just listening to support him. After all, most of our friends suck at shit. Ever go watch your friend’s band? Terrible. Got a pal trying standup for the first time? Brutal. Buddy’s girlfriend has an art exhibit at a gallery? Hard pass.

But this song is an absolute treat. In a category of it’s own. As Big Wet told me, it’s “country-trap.” Chaps would call it ACTUALLY GOOD. Listen to it; let it breathe. Oh, and the music video is hysterical.

Check it out on Spotify/iTunes now:

PS- here we are making people laugh, back before we were famous. Simpler times.

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