The Inevitable Outrage Over Belichick's Awesome Shirt is Upon Us

Belichick t-shirt


Belichick t-shirt2

Vice SportsPretty weird! Some might even say offensive. … . The shirt comes from the mind  of former Navy SEAL Jim Amann, who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with his K9 partner, Rocky. He now runs a company that offers training and other goods and services for K9 units. …

Belichick is a big military guy and talks often about his father’s time as an assistant coach at Navy, so it’s certainly not a surprise that he’s supportive of Amann.

What is a surprise is that Belichick does not seem to support local Boston company Life is Good, a brand that trades in optimism rather than death.

Look, I don’t want to get all political here. People are entitled to their different opinions. But personally, I’m very anti-ISIS and anti-Al Qaeda. I know that’s a controversial stance to some people, and I’m not here to start an argument. It’s just that in my personal opinion, every time a serviceman’s K-9 partner tears his teeth into the flesh of a fundamentalist religious zealot who beheads his captives on the Internet, that’s a good thing. I guess Bill Belichick sort of agrees with me.

I’m also really firmly against police dogs mauling U.S. citizens and Abu Ghraib. But Belichick’s t-shirt doesn’t remind me of those. It reminds me of 2017. Of actual U.S. warriors facing death or getting parts of them blown to pieces by IEDs. Right now. Today. As we speak. It reminds me of a struggle against medieval barbarians who put prisoners in cages and set fire to them on video. Who sexually enslave women by the thousands, drag suspected homosexuals to the tops of towers and throw them to their deaths. And would sure as hell make sure the party is over for women and gays in the West if it weren’t for the Jim Amann’s and Rocky’s of the world. And any time a U.S. military dog like Rocky snuffs the miserable life out of one of these backwards cavemen, I consider that a win. I’m funny like that.

So yeah, while some people will rise and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom fighting men and their dogs provide them, and then question a t-shirt that celebrates the manner in which they provide it, I’ll shed no tears for a terrorist cartoon stick figure or the people who think it’s “fucked up.” Sorry if you find that weird or offensive. But not sorry.