FoxSports.Com Has Gone To ALL Video And That's The Dumbest Thing Ever

Yesterday we learned that Ken Rosenthal, a decent baseball reporter I guess, no longer has a place to write his baseball articles because has become exclusively video. Like, there are no words on the website that aren’t titles of videos. It’s beyond comprehension to me. Imagine having one of the best reporters in a sport and you make him write his articles as a status update on his fucking Facebook page, like he’s an angsty teenager? It’s patently absurd.

Perhaps I’m in the minority, though I don’t think I am, but to me videos are the thing that make me go “Oops, not clicking that.” I’ll read a dreaded “longform” before I even consider watching a video longer than about 30 seconds. Who the fuck has time to watch videos on the internet? Almost all internet use is done on a work toilet according to stats I just made up, so imagine hearing Skip and fucking Whitlock echoing in the stall next to you? That would be the worst shit ever.

I admit that I’ve never been’s most frequent visitor so they’re not exactly losing a ton of clicks from me, but I’d read shit that Rosenthal or Stark (RIP) tweeted out. I found that stuff interesting and enlightening. You know what I do NOT find interesting and enlightening? The only stuff on the site now…

Look at those goddamn titles!

“Whitlock breaks down why Joe Montana is right to compare Kaepernick and Tebow.” Pass.

“Is AARON JUDGE comparable to LEBRON JAMES OR KOBE BRYANT?” Not under the threat of death.

“Skip Bayless says Aaron Judge has already surpassed LeBron James in one area.” I’m more terrified by the people who come up with these thoughts than the ones who write Saw movies.

“Ray Lewis: I’d take a dominant defensive player over a dominant quarterback.” It’s 2017, Ray. Trent Dilfer doesn’t get you a Super Bowl anymore.

But that’s what FoxSports is now. It’s what they have been on TV since their inception, now they’ve taken that winning format (by winning I mean losing) to the internet and have decided words are out. It’s a bold strategy, to be sure, and I’m very interested to see how it plays out. I will not be watching closely.