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Woman's Dash Cam Captures A Car Crash Perfectly Synced Up To The Song On The Radio

First of all to answer the burning question on your mind, everyone was okay so it’s cool to enjoy this video.


To answer a few questions – The two drivers at the time were ok. Shake. And bruised, but no major injuries.
– My wife did stop and render aid, but didn’t just jump out of the car without looking at the risks. Traffic was stopped, and there was no way for the cars behind her to get through. Traffic was diverted through the gas station until they could clear the debris.
– She tried to get the driver in the blue Impala to stay in his car, but his adrenaline and fear (smoke/dust from the airbag) made him crawl through the back door.
– She have her statement and video to the officer before she left. -The driver in the white car obviously ran the red light. Timing on that intersection has the feeder roads green, then the cross traffic. The white car was coming off the feeder and turned under the overpass where he had the red light.  [Reddit]

Knowing that there were no major injuries is a major plus.  Turns this video from something you’ll only admit is awesome in deep dark places you don’t like to talk about at parties to something we can all enjoy together.  The serendipitous moment a car crash happens at the intersection right before your eyes as the perfect song hits the perfect part on your radio, all recorded on your high def dash cam. Almost like everything here was tailor made for the internet.

Night Ranger – the soundtrack to your car accident.

HUGE boost for them, the type of PR people pay good money for.  Night Ranger Spotify about to pop off.