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I'm So Jealous Of Everybody Who Got To See This 90s San Jose Sharks Arena Animation In Person

When it’s 1992 and you’re about to get totally rad with the dudes at the Sharks game >>>>>>


Don’t get me wrong. Technology (outside of the Barstool offices) advancing past dial-up internet and original PlayStation quality graphics has it’s benefits. But then you see videos like this and you realize maybe we’re doing it all wrong. You go to a game today and maybe you see a highlight video in the arena before puck drop with some quick cuts and some fancy effects. That’s all well and good but imagine showing up to a Sharks game in the 90s and getting treated to this masterpiece? The shotty graphics, the 90s sound effects, the generic ass music in the background. I’d be ready to skate through a goddamn brick wall. The Shark Tank had to be bumping back then, it’s just a shame that Sandish Ozilinsh was the best player on the roster.