The Hartford Yard Goats Are Having A Whalers Alumni Weekend, Which Should Be Step #1 To Bringing The Whale Back


At this point, I’m pretty sure minor league baseball teams don’t even have regular home jerseys anymore. It seems like there is a promotional night with a theme jersey every single night. Whether it’s 90’s Night or Star Wars Night or Is A Hotdog A Sandwich Night, whatever. There’s always something going on. Some of them are good. Some of them are bad. But only one of them are the Hartford Yard Goats hosting a Whalers Alumni Weekend.


It’s been 20 years since the Hartford Whalers have been in our lives. 20 years since those bastards down in Raleigh, North Carolina ripped away one of the best franchises in league history. Between the jerseys, the Brass Bonanza, the Ron Francis era, the young Pronger era, Gordie getting to play with Mark.


So much history packed in that organization and they’ve been gone longer than Robbie Fox has been alive. Shoutout to the Yard Goats for making sure they get the respect they deserve. And maybe this is what it takes to get the ball rolling on bringing back the Whale. You have an alumni night here and there at minor league baseball games. Eventually the NHL is going to need to get to 32 teams. Who knows if Seattle will ever work out. In a perfect world, you bring back the Whalers and put the Red Wings back in the Central Division. Are we getting a little ahead of ourselves here? Maybe. But I’ve been listening to Brass Bonanza on repeat for the last 48 hours and I’ve convinced myself it’s possible.

P.S. – Gonna be impossible to not jack at least 25 dingers while wearing those sweaters. Not sure where to bet on minor league baseball but I’m predicting a 35-0 win for the Goats on Saturday night. Throw down accordingly.