Start Calling The Sixers "Pollution", Because They Continue To Destroy Air

One (number): the lowest cardinal number; half of two; 1.

Ever since Markelle Fultz was drafted, Sixers fans have been desperate to come up with a nickname for the kids. We’ve had the “FEDS” thrown out there which stands for Fultz, Embiid, Dario, Simmons. Which I think is stupid because you can’t use the last name for 3 of the guys and then just throw Dario in there. You have the “Sons of Sam” which isn’t bad at all but I’m feeling the cuck from here and I’m not even Bryan Colangelo.

Well I think we finally have our answer. The Philadelphia Sixers are pollution because every time you turn around, one of them are dominating the shit out of some air. Whether it’s Embiid putting on a dunk clinic against an empty gym or if it’s Simmons going 9-for-9 from range. Sure, between Simmons, Fultz and Embiid, they’ve only played a total combined 31 NBA games. But if NBA Championships were won in empty gyms, there would be 24 straight hours coming up on FS1 comparing the Philadelphia Sixers to all the great NBA teams of history right now.

Look. Antarctica is already feeling the effects of the Pollution.