Trump And Pence Are Doing Weird Ass Prayer Rituals In The Oval Office

I don’t know WHAT the hell this Opus Dei shit is all about but I know it scares the living shit out of me. It looks like Trump has absorbed all the power from the Saudi orb and now everyone’s just trying to get themselves a taste. A lot of religious rituals are weird as hell and pretty damn culty but this one is particularly so, bunch of fucking weirdos hovering around and touching the president while he sits in the Oval Office? Grow up, you lunatics.

And how much do you think Trump hates the SHIT out of this because you know he’s not religious at all. He’s had like three wives, a handful of sexual assault charges, talked about all the women he used to fuck, and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s actually god. The dude isn’t one iota religious. So he’s gotta hate like hell having to pretend to be interested in this bullshit just for show for Mike Pence and his lunatic evangelical pals. You ever been at a house that has to say grace before dinner or been in church the two times a year for Christmas and Easter? The entire time you’re sitting there, feeling awkward, and thinking “well, this is weird as shit, just as I remembered.” That’s exactly what Trump’s thinking except all those nut jobs are petting him like he’s a dog.

Dude must hate running as a joke every single day because all of this seems like it fucking sucks.