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Video Of Shia LaBeouf's Arrest Has Been Released And........Yikes

WOOF. Not great, Bob! Not great at all. Really not great for anyone who drew the line in the sand and pledged loyalty to Shia LaBeouf forever. That would be me. I fall in that category. I’ve drawn that line time and time again for Shia so that’s a tough look for anyone involved. Not tougher for anyone than Shia though. I mean I guess he won’t care at the end of the day cause he’s rich (I think? Maybe he isn’t. He still probably won’t care) but never a good move to call a police officer “a dumb fuck” over and over again. This is a nightmare scenario for anyone who has ever been blackout drunk. You just pray to God you didn’t say anything stupid and Shia went ahead and said a bunch of stupid shit. Like A LOT of stupid shit. He put the cherry on top of the Celebrity Drunken Tirade sundae with him bragging about his million dollar lawyers. The biggest of dick moves. Hard for me to support a guy like……but I will. If I’ve stuck with Yahoo email through thick and thin then I can stick with Shia LaBeouf acting like a total dick to the police and basically dropping the “Do you know who I am?” card.