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AWESOME Video Of A Danish Man Escaping A Fire On A Crane Hook

Metro- This was the extraordinary moment a man escaped a building fire by climbing on a crane.

The construction worker was seen hanging on a winch as he was moved to safety.

The fire had taken hold of the building in Copenhagen, Denmark, last week and at first it looked like there was no hope for the builder.

But tragedy was averted thanks to his quick-thinking colleagues on the ground who came up with the plan to use the crane.

That. Was. Awesome. As the Ginge Reaper, do I feel a little cheated out of a death? Somewhat, but when the escape is that dramatic, I can live with it. Straight out of a Bond film. Playing the human version of the claw game. Obviously the heroes are his buddies on the ground who saw their pal standing on a burning building, spotted a crane, and sprang to action. That’s the type of quick-witted resourcefulness that I’ve used when I run out of toilet paper, waddle to the shower, and lie down for an inside-out rinse. But I’m not sure I’d see a friend on fire + a crane and put 2 + 2 together. I’d probably tell him to take his shirt off and hold it at the corners overhead like a parachute. Or maybe point to a bush on the ground and say “hit that!”

Notice the guys bottom left in the telephone-pole repair extender lift. Not even halfway there. Those guys saw their names in the papers, visions of knighthood and free dinners for life, only to realize their equipment was vastly undersized. Let this be a lesson for all you would-be heroes: don’t show up to a threesome with half the dick of the guy to your right. You’ll end up watching from the kitchen and handing out towels.