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The Legend Of Tornado Lawn Mower Man Grows With Local Parade


So the dude who went viral for mowing his lawn is back at it again. If you dont remember the story, you can catch up here.

In the world of being a dad, not much beats this photo. You have everything you would want. Toughness. Lawn work. A certain level of Not-Giving-A-Fuck that just can’t be taught. Dad Intangibles for days.

Just when you think that this dad can’t be more of an internet legend, he comes out and does it again by being himself on a parade float that is themed around his viral moment.

I just dont know how this fella tops this for the rest of his life. If you thought the front of the float was great, check out the back.


Incredible. I don’t know how other dads can even hope to compete with this. Every other dad who has seen a tornado close by and didn’t whip out the lawn mower must feel like absolute shit. I know I do. We missed our moment. If we would have started up the lawn mower in time, we could have won state on the Internet. There’s no doubt in my mind.