Finding A Favorite Golfer: Henrik Stenson


As I mentioned before, I dont have a favorite golfer and I want one.

Beef Johnston is a super fun, zany dude. Henrik Stenson is a little different. He’s more established and is a top 10 player in the world right now. He’s got a major title and 5 overall tour victories. Pretty good.

Beef is a funny dude who you can like just because he’s the bearded chubby fella on the course. Henrik is likable because he’s really good and can be an angry fucker too. I enjoy a little fire in the belly.

I would love to be in the gallery and seeing the anger well up in Henrik. I’d be there screaming, “BREAK IT! BREAK IT, STENS! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA! JUST DOOOO ITTTTTT!” He would too. He’d look at me and kinda laugh. I’d playfully shrug and he’d know he overacted and needs to buckle down in order to get this win. It’d be magical.

Henrik would be giving his victory speech and I’d walk by like

Probably go viral. Again.

Also, dude isnt scared to get dirty. He goes after it.


Henrik is in the running for sure.