Gordon Hayward Is In Town Preparing For His Press Conference.....At Jos A. Bank??

Gordon Gordon Gordon. First thing you need to know about Boston is this is not Utah. Stoolies are everywhere and while you may be thinking you’re being fiscally responsible by getting a billion suits for the price of one, this is not the start we need for our new beautiful basketball relationship.

Now I’ll admit, when I first graduated and got back to Boston and needed some suits for my first job downtown, I too went to Jos A Bank because how could I turn down 2 suits, 2 shirts, 2 ties for $200? I was barely affording my North End rent so I had an excuse. I did NOT just sign a $128M max contract. I understand the appeal but again, this is not Utah. Boston has hundreds of clothing establishments that will hook you up properly.

My bigger question is, you clearly flew back from your home in San Diego to Boston, how do you not just pack a suit you already own? Did you fly Frontier or something where they charge you for bags and you didn’t want to pay? That I can respect I guess. Just so bizzare.

But whatever, if he’s in town to sign that means Ainge has found a way to create space which is both a relief and absolutely terrifying. Need to know how he did it