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Tom Brady is Writing a Book About How to Be Tom Brady

I am excited to share this with you, the culmination of what I have been working on for the past 12 years of my career – something that I know can benefit ALL people regardless of age, athletic level, or stage of life. So many people ask me, “What do I do to maintain my motivation and commitment to my sport? How is it possible to keep playing football at 40 years old?” So for anyone who’s ever wondered why I feel better today than when I was 25, I’ve got something for you. Whether you’re a high school, college, or pro athlete, a coach, a farmer, an executive, a teacher, a doctor, a student, a parent, a graphic designer, ANYONE – I know the methods in this book can be a blueprint to better understanding how to maintain peak mental and physical fitness for the rest of your life. I call it the TB12 Method and it’s coming soon (not the actual book cover pictured)… Link to preorder in bio! @tb12sports

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As a man of letters myself, I can totally respect Tom Brady’s move here. It’s deep in the human race to share knowledge. From the time of cave drawings to hieroglyphics, from the written word to Bitmojis of housewives drinking wine, from Shakespeare to Rick Reilly, passing what we’ve learned to others is the highest aspiration of our species.

I’ve written a book (and am pregnant with my second) because I know about the Patriots. About the time the toilets backed up and Irving Fryar crashing his car leaving the stadium at halftime and how the almost drafted a dead guy. Tom Brady pretty much knows how to defeat time. He’s figured out how to cheat death, professionally speaking. It’d almost be immoral for him not to write a book about it. farmers, teachers, graphic designers and bloggers want to know how to live forever too. And thanks to him, in a couple of months we’ll all get the secret for about 30 bucks.

That said, I hope he’s not too forthcoming. It’s one thing to tell business executives and parent that tomatoes are inflammatories and to workout with resistance bands. But I don’t need him giving the store away. I hope he keeps the real ultrasecrets in house. Share that stuff with say, Jacoby Brissett, not the whole world. The last thing we need is an NFL filled with guys in better shape at 40 than they were at 25 and quarterbacks throwing 28 TDs to 2 interceptions. That’d be like Harry Truman in 1945 explaining to every other country how to build the A-Bomb.

So call me selfish, but the last thing I need is a “Becoming Tom Brady for Dummies” self help book on the market that any slapdick can follow. If anything, I hope Brady writes it like Henry Jones Sr. wrote his Grail Diary in “The Last Crusade.” In the sort of cryptic code that only the most worthy, learned man can figure out. And if not, if you do it wrong, it’ll kill you. Either way, I know I’m preordering mine. And if come September you notice an increase in my already impossibly high level of awesomeness, you’ll know it worked.