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Hockey Season Is Officially Back With This Fight At The Canadiens' Development Camp

I think we can all agree that nobody likes the guy who constantly feels the need to compare hockey to basketball. That guy is the worst and gives the rest of us true hockey fans a bad name. With that being said, here is a clear difference between the two sports. You look around at the landscape of the NBA right now. We are in the Banana Boat Era of basketball. Superstars are all buddy-buddy with each other trying to form super teams left and right. The true competitiveness of the league has vanished. Meanwhile, you have Nikolas Koberstein and Brennan Saulnier at the Montreal Canadiens’ prospect camp. Two guys who are supposed to be teammates. And they’re out their dropping the mitts and chucking knucks with each other. Why? Well because that compete level is eventually going to be what gets them both to the next level in the Canadiens’ organization.

And that’s what it’s all about right there. 2 guys who are on the same team, both fighting for a roster spot. There’s no bad blood in this fight. It’s just two kids that know that if they want to be on the Habs’ roster, they’re going to have to literally fight their way on there.

P.S. – Speaking of the Habs. Didn’t want to write a whole blog on this but Montreal re-signed Galchenyuk to a 3-year, $4.9M AAV contract yesterday. It’s been an awkward few weeks for Galchenyuk. Since the Drouin trade it sounded like Galchenyuk was on the trade block. I’m assuming if the Canadiens were able to re-sign Radulov on Saturday that Galchenyuk would probably still be on the trade block to open up cap space. But since Montreal doesn’t have to pay Radulov now anymore, Bergevin decided to spare the kid.

3 years at $4.9M seems like a steal given the potential for Galchenyuk. He’s been inconsistent so far in his 5 seasons in the league but he still has the ability to be a 60-70 point scorer in this league. Which is why a bridge deal is perfect for him right now. Find your game and 3 years from now you could land yourself in the $7-8 million range. But the Habs have never seemed to be fully invested in him yet. Which is why I think when he does land that bigger contract, it probably won’t be with Montreal. He doesn’t have a NTC or NMC in this contract. $4.9 million is a great price for a kid with that talent. Wouldn’t shock me to still see him get traded at some point here. Probably not this year. Maybe not the next. I just don’t see him finishing these next 3 seasons with Montreal.