Observe Keenan Allen Battle Clem And Smitty In Madden/NBA2k17 At 7pm Tonight On Barstool Gametime

NFL Fantasy and real life football stud (when his kidneys and knees are fully functioning) Keenan Allen wished to come into the office and dance with the finest gamers Barstool had to offer. Unfortunately, he got myself and Clem. To each their own. Regardless, we battled for a good while and had a lot of solid smack talk going all around.

So join us at 7pm SHARP on Twitch as we air this bitch out. Clem and I will be on there live in the chat room shooting the shit and answering anything and everything. A Barstool Gametime AMA, if you will. How lovely.

PS – Not too sure how Keenan really felt about meeting The Princess, and I’m not sure if I want to know.