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Crash Landing A Hot Air Balloon Into An Alligator Filled Pond Doesn't Seem Like An Ideal Situation

Florida – A hot-air balloon with 17 people on board crash-landed in an alligator-infested retention pond near Disney World in Orlando, but the only injury was to a 7-year-old boy who ingested some of the pond water, authorities said. The FAA said it was investigating the crash. Orlando Balloon Rides owner Keith Fears said the pilot was preparing for a routine landing Monday when a sudden wind shift forced him to land in the retention pond to avoid power lines. The basket remained upright when it landed and drifted toward a bank before tipping over.

First off, you gotta love how ABC News grabs the most Crocodile Hunter sounding motherfucker to do the story. The poor guy is probably gunning for a Pulitzer covering the Syrian Genocide while checking his timestamps and is stuck type-casted as the resident weird animal narrative solely because he speaks Aussie. Or, even better, they just got the resident office PFT to do some fake accent. Now THAT would be both genius and Crikey.

But I know it’s kind of a bad situation when you’re crash landing any aircraft. And this pilot obviously made the right call, but I’d almost rather take my chances with the power lines than a pond filled with man-eating reptiles. Getting fried sounds a lot easier way to go than being torn apart like the heart guy from Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom. ESPECIALLY when you got these megalithics straight out of the Sci-Fi channel waltzing around like the cock of the walk across Florida. Just look at this freaking thing. Give me the power lines any day of the week over the possibility of messing with this dinosaur.