Two Dudes Come Out Of Absolutely NOWHERE And End A Street Fight With Two Flying Kicks

By far my favorite video from the Barstool Instagram over the long weekend. We have fight videos all the time. After a while all the knockouts look the same. We had a re-invigoration with the flying elbow drop phenomenon, but that was short lived. A fight video is a fight video is a fight video.

Which is why it was so welcome to have something a little different. Something to break the mold. Two guys beating the crap out of somebody. Why? What happened? What was the cause of the conflict? Whoever filmed this is the worst, how did he miss all that, and why are we posting this when they missed all the action….OH!

OH, SHIT, DAMN is right. Cleared those motherfuckers out!

Also did you notice that one dude knocked gray shirt out cold on the flying kick? Didn’t even need the follow up punch.  Unreal efficacy.  Where did they even come from?  It’s like they were lying in wait thinking their buddy had everything under control, until somebody put their Captain Planet rings together and summoned them from around the corner.  4.2 40’s and karate kicks that would impress Mr. Miyagi, not too shabby.