Gordon Hayward Has Arrived


It’s go time folks. Look at Brad Stevens. Look at him! That man is beaming ear to ear. Cooler than the other side of the pillow. Reunited at last and it feels so good. Does that man look like a guy who’s worried about Pat Riley or Joe Ingles? You think he cares what Rudy Gobert tweeted? No chance. I’m sure other teams sent an Uber or something. Not Brad. He goes the extra mile. These two are about to share a car ride to wherever Hayward is staying and that is quite the advantage. Just a couple of old pals getting back together and acting as if time hasn’t passed. No agents, no sources, just two guys who are going to keep it real and rekindle that spark. I LOVE it.

This is it though. The entire offseason comes down to this meeting. Ainge has put all his eggs in this basket and he absolutely cannot come away empty handed. It all just makes too much sense, and maybe that’s the Kool Aid talking but I look at this picture and I feel it in my bones, I don’t know why, I just do.

Close the deal Brad, you can do it I know you can. Remind him of his first love, do whatever it takes just close the damn deal.