I Cannot Comprehend How This Girl Slip And Fell Out Of The Slowest Ride In Amusement Park History

WaPo - A teenage girl escaped serious injury Saturday evening after falling 25 feet from an amusement park ride in Upstate New York — and into the arms of a crowd that had gathered below to catch her.

The dramatic fall and rescue was captured on video by at least one bystander at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, N.Y., about 60 miles north of Albany, where the incident took place.

In the video, a girl wearing blue shorts and a gray shirt can be seen dangling from a stopped gondola and screaming as several onlookers shout in alarm. Another person is seated inside the two-person gondola, not in apparent danger of falling.

Police described the “Sky Ride,” the attraction from which the girl fell, as a “very slow-moving, gondola-style attraction that spans several hundred feet across the park.” After receiving a call that a rider was in distress, park staff stopped the ride, police said.

It’s unclear how long the girl was dangling from the gondola. Investigators and park staff inspected the ride, including the gondola the girl had been in, and found that “everything was in proper working order and all safety equipment was intact and operational at the time of the incident,” the sheriff’s office said.

Ohhhh the drama! The theatrics! The Six Flags trashiness! I love the whole thing. It is so Six Flags for a teenage girl to slip and fall out of the slowest moving ride in amusement park ride history. That thing moves maybeeeee 2 MPH. But leave it to a teenager at Six Flags to find a way to fall out of it.

For once, I’m not even blaming Six Flags. Everyone already knows Six Flags is the trash capital of the world. I cannot believe my parents used to let me go there. There was always a 50/50 chance you’d be stuck on the Batman ride for a half hour, and I was too dumb to realize I was on the verge of death every time I got on a ride.

But in this instance, this has to be on the girl. There’s just no plausible way you can fall out of that thing unless you’re trying to. So using deductive reasoning, she had to have undone her seatbelt and started doing handstands in that thing. Something of the sort.

And shout out to the people who caught her. That’s my favorite part. We’ve all had day-dreams of that sort of moment, where you’d have to save someone falling from a burning building. Those people could not believe it was actually happening. The girl probably spit on them on her way out, but good for them for volunteering to save her life. That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you can’t pass up, even if it is a snot nosed teen.