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NBA Fans Were Spoiling 2nd Round Draft Picks By Shouting Them Out Before The Deputy Commissioner Could Announce Them

Does the NBA have a Woj Bomb problem? I bet that Old Man Wilbon thinks so. I used to avoid spoiler draft tweets as if hearing some guy in a suit read a players name was more a more authentic experience than reading the name on my phone. How ridiculous is that? But last night changed all that when we were reading off Woj bombs during our draft coverage. It’s so much easier and I didn’t have to stop using an app that I am more addicted to than complex carbohydrates. And nothing makes you feel like an insider more than “breaking” some sort of news to your friends, whether it’s a celebrity dying or an 18-year-old being told where he is playing next year.

I have been to a couple of drafts in my life and I can’t blame these kids one bit for trying to bring some fun into the 2nd round. There may be a couple of exciting players available, but it’s usually a bunch of stiff Euros, guys that fell for obvious reasons, and the Spurs pick that everyone cums themselves over because the Spurs made it. Everyone’s punch drunk after pick 20 of the first round anyway. By the time the 2nd round starts, everyone’s brain is in the same state as someone that is pulling an all-nighter study session in college with a group. Shit gets WEIRD when its late with no alcohol and a bunch of people are together and enter Freak Mode.

Also I have to give credit to the deputy commissioner for laughing it off. Roger Goodell would probably order the fans get kicked out and waterboarded for pulling a stunt like this. Meanwhile the NBA uses their 2nd round as a feeder system for making future commissioners likable. Before Adam Silver was the NBA commish that wiped Donald Sterling from the public eye, he was simply the alien-looking motherfucker that took over the 2nd round to thunderous applause because he wasn’t David Stern. I don’t know much about Mark Tatum but I now like him just because he seemed like a regular dude wasn’t a soulless suit or a dick. Well played NBA.


P.S. Shout out to my dude in the Fire Dolan shirt for leading the charge.