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Kid Makes Video Showing How Pumped He Is About Getting 1 Like On His Youtube Page, Reddit Finds It And Now He's Got Over A Million Views

“Hey Youtube, I didn’t see you there, OH WAIT I DID” actually made laugh out loud. A+ Joke.


One of the top links on Reddit right now is to a video made by a young kid who’s new to YouTube. Sir Fedora, who recently created his YouTube channel, was celebrating after getting one “like” on his first video. He’s as goofy as you’d expect a middle school kid to be, but he’s a natural on camera and fun to watch. The kid has a bright future in entertainment if he keeps it up.

Reddit user dragonboltz headlined his post with a request for other Redditors to subscribe to Sir Fedora and they’ve responded in a big way. The Reddit thread has 2,983 comments after just six hours (that’s a lot on Reddit) and Sir Fedora himself now has 16,673 subscribers on YouTube. His video celebrating his first like has 48,569 likes and he’s being followed by more than 4,000 people on Twitter, firmly placing him in the 1% of all users. He is now the 1%.




The internet works in mysterious ways. One second Sir Fedora is asking for 3-5 likes on his youtube video and the next he’s got 1 million views and 37,000 twitter followers and is a youtube star on his way to being the next Jenna Marbles. Fucking absurd. And all you have to do is be a chubby kid who gets pumped about the small things in life. Like I want to be mad that this kid is about to surpass Barstool’s youtube viewership in 1 week but I’m not, because that’s genuine excitement, and that’s something that is pretty rare these days. So do you Sir Fedora, breaking necks and cashing checks, and by that I mean you have a laptop that can take video and the internet decided to make you famous.



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