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Reminder: Join Keegan's Crew Thursday At The Travelers Championship To Follow People's Golfer 2.0


It’s not every weekend the TOUR comes to New England. When it does, you bet your ass we’ll be there. The OG People’s Golfer is obviously Jim Renner, but he’s injured and on the JV tour so New Englander Keegan Bradley has grabbed the reigns. Was Renner’s Army, now it’s Keegan’s Crew. RIP Renner, your honor is defended with a tiny patch on our KEEGAN VS EVERYBODY shirts.

Keegs is a salt of the earth Stoolie who loves crazy ass pre-shot routines, high-fiving Phil Mickelson at Ryder Cups, winning majors in his first try, and being a normal ass dude with crazy golf skills.

(he’s also playing with Smylie Kaufman, who was once loosely named people’s golfer 3.0)

So let’s have some fun and support them. The plan.

– Meet at Chicago Sam’s in Cromwell tonight, Wednesday, at 8pm. We’re giving out shirts.

– Drink beers and have fun.

– Convene Thursday morning at the course for Keegan’s 7:30AM tee time off #1.

– Power the people’s golfer 2.0 to total dominance.

If you’re in the area and you’re not joining Keegan’s Crew, are you even American? Probably not.