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KD Has Spent Tonight Arguing With A Girl About If He Likes To Be Farted On

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.35.45 PM

You know as the old saying goes, you can win a title, but you can’t unsuck that fart out of that girl’s ass.

What a night for KD. Feels like just yesterday he was trying to drink a beer after winning the NBA Title, and now he’s arguing with girls on Twitter who claim he’s in to getting his face farted on. Life always finds a way of balancing itself out.

But really, who cares if KD likes to bask in a mist of fresh fart? I’m not here to fart shame. To each their own, my dude. I don’t personally want to have a girl eat a burrito, take me home, butter me up real nice and then and then crop dust me til I’m gasping for oxygen, but if that’s his thing, who are we to judge?

And for the record, Mr. Durant, there are plenty of girls in DC with active and lively colons. Just sayin.