Is Our Intern Billy Football The Greatest Motivator Of All Time?

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So if you don’t listen to PMT, we hired an intern for the summer. Most summer internships are probably pretty straightforward, get coffee, help with social media, do random chores around the office blah blah blah. Everyone has been an intern at some point in their life, everyone knows it kind of sucks but can be a great long term move. Well we decided we’d take a little different approach and hire an intern who’s main job is to get us into shape. Billy Football, the 18 year old who just graduated High School, knows very little about dieting and nutrition, but has that immortal confidence every 18 year old in America has. If you ask him a question he’ll give you an answer even if he has zero clue what he’s talking about. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. He’s been cooking us meals (grilling food on a George Foreman grill in the office)

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giving us workout plans (yet to work out), and motivating us every day. How? Simple. Part of dieting I guess is drinking a ton of water every day and that’s where Billy comes in. Every morning we come into the office and there is a gallon of water waiting on our desk with motivation. Turns out it’s actually pretty mean but guess what, no one said dieting would be easy, especially for Bloggers.

Highlights include the transformation from “fucking fat cat” to skinny cat.

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Or PFT’s motivation where Billy told him to start chugging at this line, and that he’s not able to play 4 quarters if he stops chugging at the line below it. Or “this is why you can’t bench 135 lbs”.

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Or Hank’s bottle saying if he drinks more water he’ll be better at Sex.

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Having an 18 year old be in charge of our nutrition is either the dumbest or smartest thing we’ve ever done, but this fact is indisputable. Water is the foundation  of life on earth. #FitSpo. Can’t wait to get in shape for Summer 2018

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Turns out chugging water all day and eating pork rinds really fucking sucks.