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Beltway Sniper From 2002 Wants An Easier Sentence Even Though He Killed At Least 10 People


Washington Post - The state of Virginia urged a federal judge in court papers filed Wednesday to reject Lee Boyd Malvo’s attempt to challenge his many life-without-parole sentences in connection with a series of random, sniper-style shootings that terrorized the D.C. area a decade ago. Va. Senior Assistant Attorney General Donald E. Jeffrey III wrote in the filings that state law does not impose a mandatory life-without-parole sentence, and thus Malvo’s sentences could not be considered unconstitutional under the Miller v. Alabama ruling. Malvo and John Allen Muhammad ambushed 13 people, killing 10 of them, in the D.C. area over 21 days in October 2002. After the two were caught, they were tied to at least 11 more shootings from Washington state to Alabama, five of them fatal. Muhammad was sentenced to death and executed in 2009. Malvo remains incarcerated at Red Onion State Prison in Wise County, Va.

There aren’t many people in this world I hate. Chris Brown. Jeffrey Maier. And this dickbag Lee Boyd Malvo.

For 23 days of October in 2002 this asshole and John Allen Muhammad completely terrorized the entire DMV area, killing 10 people with a sniper rifle, many at gas stations and shopping centers. People were scared to leave their houses, and pumping gas became the most nerve-wracking experience possible. Schools canceled all athletic activities. And he wants a more lenient sentence because he was 17 when he killed those people? Get the fuck out of my face with that. At 17 you know exactly what you’re doing. He made the choice to hang out with a psychopath and made the decision to kill innocent people. So here’s a hot tip for all you kids out there: If you don’t want to spend your life rotting in jail, don’t be a scumbag murderer. It’s really that simple.

PS: I’ll never forgive you, Jeffrey Maier. Never.