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Boy Scout Teased For Failing To Light A Fire Eventually Succeeds, Burns Down His Father's Shed And Ends Up Like This

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Daily Mail- A schoolboy who was teased when he failed to light a fire on a Scout trip decided to build one in his garden – and sparked a £10,000 blaze which left him in hospital. Edward Hawkins, 14, hoped to prove himself to his friends by stacking up wood in the garden of his family home in Wainscott, Kent, and dousing it with petrol as his mother took his brother to school. Armed with a camera phone to capture the moment, he put a match to the pile but watched in horror as flames leapt onto spread to his father, Eddie’s, shed. It contained two explosive gas canisters, and as Edward frantically tried to empty it, a petrol can exploded, soaking him as he stamped down the flames. The fire spread up from his feet, engulfing his clothes and body before blistering his hands and face. The schoolboy tried to put out the flames by rolling on the ground as neighbours raced to throw wet blankets over him and called emergency services. Edward was taken to hospital suffering superficial burns to his face, and is now waiting to hear if he will need a skin graft for a bad burn to his thumb.

Fucking bullies.  Nothing worse.  You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to go back to middle school.  There isn’t a meaner group of people on the planet than kids.  They have no filter.  Shit just comes out flying of their mouthes whether it’s appropriate or not.  Obliviously insulting anybody and everybody around them.  And as far as school goes, you’re in complete limbo when you’re in middle school.  The other parts of school have their advantages.  In elementary school you get nap time which is as good as it gets when you think about it, in high school you get to experience booze and weed which are almost as good as nap time but aren’t and in college you get a bigger dose of those two things with sluttier girls mixed in.  All good things.  There’s nothing good about middle school.  You’re just a weird blob of a human being who wears hand-me-down clothes from his older siblings and tries to avoid being the smelly kid.  And then take what happened to this poor kid.  Just piling on top of all that.  Kid couldn’t start a fire.  So what?  That’s what lighters are for.  But no, the bullies had to push it on him until he ended up blowing up his father’s shed and looking like a mummy.  The bitch of it is is even though he’s no longer known as the loser who couldn’t start a fire, he’s now the loser who blew up his father’s shed and looked like a mummy.  Life just isn’t fair some times.  Still better than being the smelly kid.