War Machine Deserved More Than 36 Years To Life For Nearly Killing Christy Mac

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Fox Sports - Former UFC competitor Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver on Monday was sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole in 36 years after being convicted on 29 separate charges in connection with an assault committed against his ex-girlfriend Christy Mackinday and her friend Corey Thomas in 2014.

Koppenhaver was found guilty on 29 out of 34 charges in a trial that took place in March in Nevada.

The former UFC fighter would be first eligible for parole in 2053, when he would be 71 years old.

Mackinday, best known by her stage name Christy Mack, testified against Koppenhaver in court after suffering through the brutal assault and accused the 35-year old fighter of a history of violence throughout their relationship.

The jury convicted Koppenhaver on a long list of charges including sexual assault, kidnapping, coercion and battery.

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War Machine is such a pussy. Fuck that guy. If you don’t know the story, go read it, and then come back because 36 years to life is too lenient. He deserved so much more. The fact there’s even a chance he gets out and will be walking the same Earth as Christy Mack again is fucking stupid. Not only should he have gotten life in jail, but more than that. I like when they give people 10 life sentences. I know what it means legally, but it sounds so much better when you think of it like “even when you die, you’re going to be in jail for 9 more lives, that’s how much you suck as a person”. I like to believe what type of person get reincarnated as wild raccoon that eats poop until a coyote devours it or as worms that swim around in the mud all day. Like after War Machine dies, he’ll still have his human brain, but he’ll just be a dumb slimy worm until a bird eats him before the sun rises.

Shout out to Christy Mack for being the hero of millions of people around the world, the sock industry owes you more than you will ever know.