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Pittsburgh Fans Are The Whiniest Bunch Of Babies I've Ever Seen

Aside from the fact that the crowds in Nashville are wild enough to make a grown man consider buying a Saturday morning flight, one thing I’ve noticed these playoffs is that Pittsburgh Penguins fans are the whiniest bunch of babies I’ve ever run into in my entire life. That’s coming from a Boston fan and we’ve got our fair share of insufferable assholes so you know it’s bad if I’m opening myself up the criticism of pointing it out. But that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Say ANYTHING about Pittsburgh and you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to double digit idiots in your mentions talking about how great a town it is. Hell, last night I said “Pekka came to play,” a wildly informative and enlightening tweet that you really can’t find anywhere else on Twitter aside from @FeitsBarsool, and I was rushed with Penguins fans asking me where the Bruins are and how much it sucks being a fan of them. What? I said the other goalie made a good save, which he did, trust me I know hockey, and that made you that defensive.

Then you’ve got guys like this idiot weatherman making the “bandwagon fans!” argument, which is the dumbest argument made in sports every year. For starters, who gives a fuck about bandwagon fans? When teams get good more people pay attention, that’s a good thing and just the way the world works. Second of all, Nashville has been a hockey town for a long time. I was there last year (2016) and outside was Bridgestone was WILD… when the Predators were playing in Anaheim. They’ve been packing that arena for the last few years. It’s not a snap of the fingers, the team is in the Finals, let’s flood Broadway situation. It’s been a long time coming in Nashville.

FINALLY, this idiot is talking about Pittsburgh like it’s Ice Town and the mecca of hockey. Asshole, 10 years ago they were gonna become the Kansas City Penguins. Can’t be the best fans ever if 2 years into Sidney Crosby’s career it’s still tough to sell a ticket.

Grow up, Pittsburgh. You’re a third rate city and everyone hates you because you’re annoying. See you in the AFC Championship game where you’ll get your doors blown off then whine about cheating somehow. Until then… Go Preds Go.

PS – This is just about the people of Pittsburgh. Most of the Penguins are cool especially the ones who like us, they’re very cool. In fact I’d like them to win the Stanley Cup but the city of Pittsburgh has to lose it. Is there a way we can make that happen?

PPS – I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t point out this Pittsburgh fan. Love this guy. That’s how you do fandom.