Millennials Now Getting Blamed For Restaurant Industry Collapse

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Source - Casual dining is in danger — and millennials are to blame. Brands such as TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesday, and Applebee’s have faced sales slumps and dozens of restaurant closures, as casual dining chains have struggled to attract customers and grow sales.  These sit-down restaurants’ struggles can blamed on the most-frequently besmirched generation: millennials. “Millennial consumers are more attracted than their elders to cooking at home, ordering delivery from restaurants and eating quickly, in fast-casual or quick-serve restaurants,” Smith wrote. 

“Now, there’s many, many options that people are replacing chains with,” Victor Fernandez, restaurant industry tracker TDn2K’s executive director of insights, recently told Business Insider. Many of these options involve cooking at home.Convenience is also a factor, both when it comes to delivery and speed of service. And casual dining chains are still playing catch-up with regards to delivery.

The growth of fast-casual chains such as Chipotle and Panera have been especially harmful. These chains manage to bring both convenience and lower prices to millennial customers, who are less enthused about spending more money just for the “experience” of sitting in a booth at a casual dining joint. 

Millennials are called whiners and complainers all the time for literally no reason. Sure, we may have gotten some participation trophies when we were younger but fuck off, those were sweet. Every time theres some sort of industry change it’s always the millennials’ fault. Uber destroys the taxi industry; blame millennials, Seamless cripples the restaurant industry; blames millennials, Netflix destroys Blockbuster (lol); blame millennials. It’s bizarre. Older generations get upset when things change, which is understandable but you can’t blame consumers for buying better products.

How is it our fault Ruby Tuesday’s and Applebee’s are dying? Those restaurants were big when we were kids because they had chicken nuggets and grilled cheese. Now those kids are grown up and the Internet is around, not to mention chicken nuggets turn you gay. It’s no surprise they’re going out of business. Why would I go out to eat when I could sit on the couch in my underwear and have food delivered? I wouldn’t. If I can combine my two favorite things of not moving and eating I’m going to do it ten times out of ten. Going out to eat is overrated anyways.

The wildest part of this article is that millennials like to cook. Um- what? The first thing you do when you start making money is stop cooking. I would rather wait three hours waiting for delivery than spend twenty minutes in the kitchen.

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