Tennis Player Borna Coric Smashes His Racket To Smithereens After Losing At The French Open Steve Johnson had already gone through the emotional ringer at Roland Garros on Monday, when he won his first match at a major since the sudden passing of his father. “The last two weeks of tennis hasn’t been about tennis for me,” the 27-year-old American said during a difficult press conference.

Johnson’s emotions ran high again on Wednesday, when he faced Borna Coric. They were because of his great loss, of course, but also because of a controversial ruling by the chair umpire in the fourth set, with Johnson two points from winning the match. Johnson, who had already been given a conduct warning after annihilating his tennis racquet, was docked a point for ball abuse at 5-4, deuce. Incredulous, Johnson argued with the official, as well as a tournament supervisor, but to no avail.

It was something of a surprise to see Johnson keep it together long enough to eventually win the match in a subsequent tiebreaker, after losing four match points. He didn’t keep it together for much longer, and he same could be said for Coric

Now there is a video that describes the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. I’m sure some tennis purists hated seeing that racket get absolutely mollywhopped, but I loved it. Tennis needs more shit like this to go down. It’s the most 1-on-1 sport on the planet where the competitive juices can be flowing like a whitewater rapids. It’s just you and the person on the other side of the court. No teammates to pin it on or to bail you out. Just you on that island for better or worse. Yet it’s a tier 2 or 3 sport these days. Add in the nonsensical shit that happens with the ball boys and people should care about tennis. Tennis needs a Happy Gilmore bad boy to come in and stir shit up like John McEnroe did back in the day. Tennis tantrums are made for Twitter and blogs.

And based on this video and this video alone, I think this Coric guy could be that dude. Move over Toni Kukoc, there is a new Croation Sensation in town. It takes a special kind of person to go back and work on that rocket after he completely destroyed it the first time. No half measures for Borna. Complete annihilation is his only option. That’s one of those fits where you keep going until you have absolutely nothing left in the tank like Jenny when she was throwing rocks at her dad’s house in Forrest Gump. Johnny Mac and Happy Gilmore both would have reacted in the same fashion, regardless of if their opponent was crying after winning for the first time after his dad died. I guess you have to be good to become a proper villain in tennis. I’m not sure how he is as a tennis player. But Borna has racket smashing and the post-meltdown sorry not sorry apology games down pat.

Borny Baby, love him or blow him baby.

I have to admit that I did not see Barstool New York going with back-to-back tennis blogs when I woke up this morning. Just a couple of guys making sure to keep the SPORTS in Barstool Sports no matter what the angle is.