Two Guys Fighting In A Parking Lot Went Full Martial Arts Hardo With Their Form And Looked Like Such Assholes

Height: 5’10. Weight: 180. Fighting Style: The Mortal Kombat strategy guide for Liu Kang

It’s generally a good rule of thumb that if a dude in a fight gets into a martial arts pose with any sort of authority, even in Spain where this took place, watch your ass. The slightest bit of training or skill in a fighting discipline will usually end with someone on their back. But at the same token, if you’re a dude pulling out some sort of karate hand movements like a fighting game character before the round starts but the game still lets you move around, you’re not nearly as good at this as you think. And when you see a guy bust out a martial arts stance then throw an effective little spin kick only to end up with his leg being completely immobilized while he flails around, that dude needs to be barred from any martial arts gym ever again. Really for his own good. Whatever months or maybe years of training he’s had ended up with him hopping around while a dude played keepaway with his foot. Banning him from busting out Karate Kid stances like a vintage Bill Simmons column is not only saving him money, it’s likely saving him from himself.