I Am Very Excited That James Comey Will Testify About His Interactions With President Trump

I am an excited person. I know many of you prefer the drama surrounding free agency or who will get the final rose. Those things are fine — I like them too. But I REALLY like the drama of the ousted FBI Director testifying publicly on his tense, rumor-laden interactions with the President. I can’t fucking wait. How deep will Comey go? What were those final couple weeks like? Will he say Trump pressured him to drop the Flynn investigation? Will he claim Trump pushed him to drop the entire Russia meddling investigation? Will he be abstract and boring as fuck? Will he be blunt and spill all the beans he’s got?

Many possibilities. Folks, think about the stuff the DIRECTOR OF THE FBI knows. The public testimony of what he knows, of what he’s experienced, and how all that played out in direct interaction with the President really tickles my fancy. It gets me going. It pets my belly.

Now, people will not simply take everything Comey says as universal fact. As they shouldn’t. Some will exhaust great efforts to discredit Comey before he takes the stand, while others will exaggerate his testimony to push deeper, harmful White House narratives, and spread those narratives like gospel.

Here are two pieces of advice before going in:

1) Find who you trust.

The entire testimony will be long and hidden amongst much legal speak. You will not understand it all. Some of you may not understand anything. Therefore, it’s important to find some journalists that you trust and focus on their responses. Most will be wildly biased and immediately begin firing off predictable reactions. Rachel Maddow will take everything Comey says as an indictment that Trump and everyone he’s ever met in his entire life is a Russian double agent. Sean Hannity will condemn Comey as only interested in his own self-interest, in attention, in painting himself in the best light.

The truth will be somewhere in between. Find the people you trust.

2) Read my blogs.

Sup? Read my blogs. It’s better for me and my personal future, plus I will be watching every second and picking out the best, most interesting, most meaningful parts. Fill your stable with some combination of me and a couple real journalist you trust and boom, you should be good to go.

Should be another fun week. We’re “cleared for takeoff” (a ridiculously juicy phrasing to use).

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