Steve Ballmer Debuted His New Viewing Experience For NBA Games And It's Pretty Wild

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The Los Angeles Clippers and Second Spectrum have partnered to bring a fan engagement tool that helps those watching at home to have the option to see the game like never before.

During live action, stats and fantasy points appear above each player as the basket is scored off an alley-oop. There are animation options that enable users to make a custom highlight of Blake Griffin dunking a cloud as lightning strikes. A screen can be automatically identified. Recommended and trending highlights are available on-demand.

The video game-like features are scheduled to be beta tested in the 2017-18 season and launched in the 2018-19 season, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer said at Recode’s Code Conference on Tuesday in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Ballmer excitedly unveiled the platform that will be available for TVs, tablets, smartphones and PCs.

“You say, ‘Hmm, what if we could actually diagram what plays are going on because they can recognize it in real-time? What if we can flash your fantasy points right on your player so you could see what that was worth to you. What if we could show the probability of a shot going in?’” Ballmer said.

“What if you’re watching with your kids and want a little bit of animation in the game.”

Some people are going to hate this overall idea, but I think it’s pretty wild. Do I want Blake Griffin dunking over clouds and a lightning bolt striking the rim to enhance my viewing? If I’m stoned and it’s the regular season then hell yeah because that would be INSANE. I wouldn’t be opposed when Curry is in the zone and the game turns into NBA Jam with the ball literally engulfed in fire. My brain is small and if we have this stuff going on all over the court it’s going to mesmerize me. Now if I’m sober I think it’d be cool with player’s stats flashing above them, especially if I have a few player props going on to keep me interested. Fans are ALWAYS complaining about the regular season in the NBA being pointless and not worth their time. Well, if you can tune in and see this kind of shit going on I mean that’s going to absolutely keep it interesting. Now in the Finals do I need the animations and shit going on? No, just give me Curry vs. LeBron and that’s plenty good enough for this guy.

By the way, Steve Ballmer is quietly taking over the NBA. After being the CEO of Microsoft for so many years you have to think he’s just got all these crazy ideas for how to change the viewing experience for fans in the arena and at home. These old fucks probably sat around in off-season boardroom meetings debating the most useless stuff, and in strolls Ballmer sweating his dick off, salivating at the mouth for how to flip the NBA on its head. Ballmer has plans to do POV for individual players which would be a crazy idea if he could make it work. Seeing guys like Blake Griffin or the Greek Freek just go airborne in first person would be so fucking cool. I can’t get enough Steve Ballmer in my life and cannot wait for what else this dude has in store.

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