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Rebuilding Big Cat

I legit almost had a heart attack



Burritos, drinking, feeling far too comfortable wearing sweatpants 7 days a week and never showering has brought me down. Can Crossfit build me back up?



So I went to my gym on Sunday, Atlas Performance (Yes I actually have a membership and love this gym, it’s just that I became lazy and never went for like 6 months). It’s a hybrid crossfit/fitness gym on Larrabee just South of Division (1030 N Larrabee), right down the street from the New Target. If you’re an ex athlete or ever competed in anything in your life you know that once you hit your mid 20’s you start to let things go. There is no one to push you. You may go to the gym but you don’t really work out to the intensity you used to. Well that’s why this place is great. Classes with teachers that push you. People you can compete against. Crossfit classes, fitness classes, speed/agility classes, they have everything you want/need. I used to go Fitness Formula (formerly Crunch) back in the day and I would bench, squat, go on the treadmill, and basically fuck around for a couple of hours. At this place you show up, you get pushed to your limit for 45 minutes to an hour and you leave. Double the workout in half the time. I wouldn’t pitch you something I didn’t believe in and I believe in this place. It’s the real deal.



Anyway, here is the deal for Stoolies. If you want to sign up you can get 25% off any Membership or class package.


Just go here Atlas Perfomance and enter the code “Barstool”



We’re also going to plan a Barstool work out day in the coming weeks. Sort of like a watch party but we’ll all be getting back in shape for Chicago summer. The summer of the stoolies. That’s what we’re going to call it. Now cue the haters. New year, new Big Cat. Rebuild mode activated.