Shoutout To Whoever Gave Me A Jose Offerman Rookie Card Leaving The Bar This Weekend



So this happened this past weekend. I’m leaving the bar at 1am and some dude runs up to me and says “Hey Pres”, shakes my hand and gives me this Jose Offerman rookie card and promptly walks away. He didn’t mention the card. He didn’t say anything else. He just vanished into the night. Well needless to say my instant reaction was like “that’s kinda weird” Who carries around a Jose Offerman card in a plastic card cover to the bars? I put it on my table and sorta forgot about it. But everytime I looked at it during the course of the weekend the mystery and intrigue surrounding this event grew on me. Now I’m sort of obsessed with it. Like WHO THE FUCK brings a Jose Offerman card to the bar and gives it away like that? No explanation no nothing. It was almost like I should have expected to receive it. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. Now Jose Offerman guy owns beach front real estate in my head. I almost want to become the Jose Offerman guy. Just have this be my signature move. Handing out Jose Offerman rookie cards everywhere I go. It’s so mysterious I think I love it.