Randy Orton RKOing His Own Son Into A Pool Is Heartfelt Savagery

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Here’s a little something to hopefully brighten the dreaded Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend. Not even Randy Orton’s son is safe from the RKO when attempting to……..dive. I couldn’t tell whether or not this was really cute, like a father/son bond or really vicious, like Orton just can’t go a day without RKOing the fuck out of his kid. Could you imagine growing up, knowing you could just get hit with an RKO outta nowhere at any time? Gotta fear that worse than any belt, wooden spoon, shoe, whatever the hell other kids got hit with growing up. Getting down off a high object, “I’ll catch you honey! Just jump!”

“Daddy, can I have a piggyback ride?!”
“Sure! Hop on!”

“Woah Dad, we’re really high up, promise you got me?”
“Of course.”

Eventually it has to get to the point where it ain’t outta nowhere. If you get hit with it enough, it’s outta somewhere. Oh, and in other Randy Orton news, these indie wrestlers “mocked” Orton’s dive comment in the ultimate cringefest.

Way to prove him right that the spots get bigger pops than the dives, boys!