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Girl Unfriends Guy on Facebook, Proceeds to Have Boiling Water Dumped on her Face


UPI - A youth allegedly poured boiling water over a girl’s face in Patna, India, after the victim chose to remove him as a friend on Facebook, police said. The suspect, Yudishsthir Yadav, went to the victim’s house Wednesday and locked the girl and her mother in a room. He then went to the kitchen, boiled water and threw the entire pot of water on her face when he re-entered the room, Gulf News reported. The victim suffered severe burns and is undergoing treatment at a hospital. Police are searching for the suspect who had become friends with the girl through Facebook a year ago.

Well, that’s one way to deal with rejection. Though I suppose it’s easier to get away with that in India, where you just walk out into the street and immediately blend in with everyone like some sort of chameleon. Then again, my only frame of reference for that claim is Slumdog Millionaire, so I could be way off base. Though I’m fairly sure everything in that movie is 100% accurate. Either way, huge power move by that girl no longer having a face. Her Facebook selfie game is going to be in dire straits now. But as the old saying goes in India (loosely translated): “Don’t unfriend someone today if you want to be able to have a face tomorrow”. Classic India.