Dude Fires A Baseball At Point Blank Range During Bench Clearing Brawl, Needs To Be Taken Behind The Woodshed

Just an overall display of assholeness in one clip. The SS holding the runner down then digging his cleats to flesh deserves to be put into place. The brawl is almost justified because of his dickishness alone. But how about this remedial douchecanoe crowhopping like Vladimir Gurerrro in his prime and chucking a baseball at point blank range?

That’s assault, brotha. Everyone needs to stop and open a good ol’ can of whoopass on this guy. And I mean EVERYONE. The opposing team. His own team. The peanut guys in the stands. This guy needs to be made an example of. There are unspoken rules to a baseball brawl, and no weapons or projectiles are invited to the party. Fists only, unless you’re Chan-Ho Park and can’t help yourself from attempting to go full Bruce Lee on the diamond. That’s why I don’t understand how Bryce Harper is escaping heat from his attempted helmet throw.

That was TOTALLY unacceptable. The only time this should happen is in real life battle, and even then it should only be Tom Sizemore vs. a Nazi when their rifles jammed. It’s a slippery slope in the bench clearing world. If helmets and baseballs are allowed to be chucked then pretty soon it’s gonna escalate to bats and (hot dog) guns. Somebody would pull a Happy Gilmore and be the only person in baseball history to take their metal spikes off and try to stab someone. The buck stops here. Fists and friends coming in from the clouds to boom someone to the moon. Just gotta hope your own teammate isn’t on the tracks when the train is coming through. Sweet existence, Michael Morse.