Section 10 Podcast Episode 94: Dan Shaughnessy



I’m sure this one will go over well with the comment section. On Episode 94 of the Section 10 Podcast, we’ve got Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe! Whether you love him or you hate him, there’s no denying that he’s been a fixture in the Boston sports media for almost 40 years, so we get into how he got his start and how much things have changed since then, when he no longer considered himself to be a fan, how he covered unlikable players when he first came to the Globe, how old people love him but the internet hates him, how comment sections and social media has changed the journalism industry, and how Dan and I came to the decision to coexist instead of hate each other.

Dan also requested that I tone down my hate for Pete “Ass Man” Abraham, and I gave him my response to that request. Shaughnessy says that there needs to be more respect for beat writers who show their face in the clubhouse and I give my counter to that, and then we get into some feuds. Dan talks about his feud with Glen Ordway and the origins of the “Shank” nickname, his feud with Curt Schilling, his feud with Wade Boggs, how Carl Everett came up with the CHB (Curly Haired Boyfriend) nickname, an incident with Mo Vaughn in the clubhouse in which Mo had a bat in his hand and Dan in his crosshairs, his feud with David Ortiz, his feud with Larry Bird, and how the whole 1988 Red Sox team voted not to talk to him because of Jim Rice.

We finished things off with his thoughts on winning the JG Taylor Spink Award for his baseball writing, his “don’t let us win tonight” interactions with Kevin Millar prior to Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, and when it’s all said and done, what does he want his legacy to be?

After the interview, we talk about the Bryce Harper/Hunter Strickland fight from yesterday, whether Madison Bumgarner is actually tough or not, and we debate whether throwing your helmet at the pitcher is a bitch move. Finally, we polled our listeners on whether or not they prefer side boob or underboob and the results came back at exactly 50/50, so we discuss how absurd that is.


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