I For One Don't Appreciate These Nordic Fucks Mocking Our President

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And now I’m officially worried about this country. I have yet to buy into the mass hysteria, the whole world is burning and America will cease to exist in a few months line of thinking. But this, this is fucked. There is a natural order or how things go around here. We make fun of Nordic people eating stinky fish all the time and never having sunlight, we take their hockey players, we buy their stupid cross country ski machine and we ogle at Swedish woman, and they say danka (whatever thank you is in Nordique). Do you see “make fun of America” anywhere in that equation? Because I don’t. So I’m going to say it again, I’m worried. When the little guys start  comfortably chirping the big dog, that’s when we need to start being careful. I can’t have my pride injured by a bunch of fjord loving losers. I can’t and I won’t. Fuck Scandinavia (minus Victoria Silvstedt because I was a child of the 90’s and some memories are too good to ever let go of).