The Astros Were Losing 8-2 In The 8th Inning And Hung An 11-Spot On The Twins To Win 16-8

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The fuckin’ Astros, man. If this team’s not on your radar, then you’re obviously not paying attention. All due respect to the Yankees, who have gotten off to an awesome start in their own right, but the Astros are the best team in the American League right now. At 36-16, they’re the winningest team in the majors, and at 20-10 at home and 16-6 on the road, it doesn’t matter where you play them. They’re more than likely going to beat you.

I guess it also doesn’t matter what the scoreboard reads, either. Trailing by a score of 8-2 in the 8th inning on Monday against the AL Central-leading Twins, the Astros strung together 8 hits, two walks and a hit by pitch to put an 11-spot on the board, capped off with a three-run bomb by Carlos Beltran, his sixth, to win the game 16-8. It was their 16th win in their last 21 games, also the best record in the majors.

And the argument that Houston skeptics will have is that they play in a weak division, which is a thousand percent true, but they’re 3-0 against the Orioles, 3-1 against the Tigers, 2-1 against the Rays, and 3-1 against the Yankees. Oh, and now they’re 1-0 against the Twins. All of those teams except the Tigers are above .500 and, of course, all play outside of the AL West, and all but the Tigers and Rays would be playoff teams if the season ended today. The Astros are good. Their record will be inflated at the end of the year because the AL West stinks, but they can hang with the best of the best in the American League, no doubt.