New York Yankees Baseball: Week Eight (Hey We Can Pitch Too!)

Last Week: (3-3) During a six game road swing, the Yanks showed signs of breaking out of their slump and signs of still not being able to beat the goddamn Rays once again. Aaron Judge made a catch for the ages and Gleyber Torres became that much closer to being the Yankees starting third baseman.

After being on the road the week before, the Yanks got in some good home cookin’ when the Royals and A’s came to town. It wasn’t the easiest of weekends to catch some baseball as most of us were down the shore or enjoying some BBQs, but that didn’t prevent Aaron Judge from dominating the headlines once again. This was a positive week for sure and the starting pitching bounced back in a big way. Let’s do it…

Aaron Judge Reclaimed The Home Run Lead

Lots of people like to compare Aaron Judge to Derek Jeter in the way they handle themselves off the field and in the clubhouse. Well, now they are tied for career grand slams after Judge launched this one into the right field stands on Sunday. That blast put Judge in a tie for first in the MLB home run race at 16 with Mike Trout, Khris Davis, and Joey Gallo. His laser yesterday gave him the outright lead.

We’re all witness of history at this point, just sit back, buy a shirt, and enjoy the ride.

Masahiro Tanaka Woke Up

It’s about goddamn time our Japanese sensation pitched like the ace he is. His struggles were documented over the last month or so, and there was a lot of doubt coming from myself and others about whether Tanaka had lost his stuff for good. Well, on Friday night he went back to the basics and made some big time adjustments.

In one of the best starts from a Yankees pitcher this year, Tanaka dazzled the Friday night home crowd, striking out 13 men, exiting in the 8th inning in a 0-0 ball game. Girardi credited an adjustment of pushing off the rubber made by Tanaka, where he focussed on driving to the plate instead of “drifting.” Whatever it was, he needs to keep doing it because that performance was spectacular. Unfortunately, the bullpen and lack of an offense doomed New York that night leading to a 4-1 loss. If there can be such things as good losses this was certainly one of them because it meant getting our ace back to prime form. Add in a good Tanaka to what Pineda and Co. have been doing and you have yourself a pitching staff. This was the first game all year Tanaka went over SIX STRIKEOUTS. That just tells you the type of shitty year he’s been having.

Pineda, Sevy, and CC Were Very Good

After a few weeks of struggles, the majority of the starting rotation was awesome. CC turned in his third straight strong start (the Yanks have won all of them) and he’s really starting to turn around his early May struggles. Severino was DOMINANT against the Royals on Wednesday going eight shutout innings and handing the ball off to Dellin Betances for the easy save. Michael Pineda turned in his NINTH straight solid start. Yes, I said NINTH. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but Big Mike is going to make the All Star team if he’s not careful.

Dellin Betances Was FILTHY

I blogged about this mid-week but Dellin Betances has basically turned into Mariano Rivera this year. It’s game over when he comes in at this point with the confidence he’s showing. Just watch his five-out save he had on Saturday and try not to laugh when the bottom drops out of his game winning strikeout.


Simply untouchable. There’s also no chance he stays when it comes to free agency, all thanks to fucking Randy Levine.

Look at his last five outings, all of which were savesScreen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.05.49 AM

The dude’s ERA is 0.52 with 32 strikeouts in 17.1 IP. You just don’t stand a chance trying to beat this guy right now.

Chase Headley Error of the Week

Headley went 2 for 15 this week and was benched on Saturday and Sunday to clear his head. The clock is ticking.

Future Yankees Captain Outburst of the Week

Can’t wait until he’s charging the mound in Fenway, racing after David Price with a bat.

Chris Carter’s Adventures Continue

Our guy Chris Carter had a roller coaster of a week. It began with homers in consecutive nights and people turning to one another asking if we were in another dimension.

And then this MOON SHOT.

Over the next fives games though, Carter came back to life and went 0 for 12. Anyone who doesn’t like this guy is just a hater.

Looking Ahead:

The Yanks head back to the road this week as they continue their series in Camden Yards before heading up north across the border to Toronto. I can’t wait to see what Judge’s home run total is at after this week. I’m going to predict we’re at 20 by next Monday, but that might be selling him short.

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Go Yanks