Bryce's Postgame Comments About The Hit By Pitch Make A Ton Of Sense

When the dust settled and the W was in the book, the media scampered to get Bryce’s thoughts on the donnybrook that took place out on the mound after Hunter Strickland threw at him.

And all his comments are spot on.

The first paragraph is what I was most confused about- why the fuck does Strickland still care?

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The HBP was in retaliation for Bryce pimping a HR in the 2014 postseason. The same postseason the Giants won the World Series. You would think winning that series and then winning a ring would be retaliation enough. Give Bryce the ol’ “kiss the ring”. Throwing at him really just means he is still living in your head, despite the team’s success.

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Baseball Twitter was harping over this a lot yesterday- how the pitcher can use the ball as a weapon, but a batter can’t strike out and then throw his bat at the pitcher. I mean I guess they theoretically could, but nobody can get retribution like a pitcher with a ball. So Bryce weighed his options and charged the mound. His hands were tied so he went with the option that didn’t make him feel bad about himself. Gotta take a stand.

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And this is how it’s perfectly summed up. Strickland clearly has been holding this grudge, waiting to throw this ball at Bryce since 2014. He tossed and turned, lost sleep over it, has been dying to throw at Bryce. So he did it. Nailed him in the hip, which if you’re gonna do it, is better than throwing 100 at someone’s head. Did it make any sense? No, not really. He can stare at the World Series ring he won, by beating Bryce and the Nats instead.

So now Bryce will get suspended, and MLB will decide if they want to make a stand about pitchers throwing at guys. Nerd MLB Twitter is all about coming down hard when it’s as outrageous as Strickland was yesterday. We’ll see if they decide to set a precedent or not, but I am guessing 3-5 games for Bryce and 7-10 for Strickland.