Iowa Baseball Wins The B1G Tournament Of Champions!

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONSSSSSSSSSSS! I-O-W-A! I-O-W-A! Goosebumps all over. You are reading the blog of the biggest Iowa baseball fan on the planet. HUGE Iowa baseball fan right here. I’m writing this from the bathroom of a bar during my Sunday Fun Day. That’s how big of an Iowa baseball fan I am. I am committed to this team and their success. I’ve been waiting my entire 28 years for this moment. And let me tell you, this team is special. Very special. When you follow a team this closely, it just means more when they’re successful. Everybody better watch the fuck out for this team. I wanna name a few of the players and congratulate them separately but this team is such a great group that it’d be a disservice to single anyone out. They’re all great. Wow. What a win. What a team. Onwards and upward.  Look out.