BREAKING NEWS: According To Our Boy Frankie MacDonald, The Penguins Have Already Won The Stanley Cup This Year

First things first. Big time fan of Frankie getting the good folks of Mexico, Guantanamo and El Salvador involved here. If we want to grow the game, it starts at the grassroots level like this. I’m sure the Mexicans felt a little slighted when none of their players were picked for Team North America at the World Cup last year. But Frankie the Tankie is here to make sure we haven’t forgotten about them.

Anyway, congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins on winning back-to-back Stanley Cups. The Nashville Predators gave them everything they had but like Frankie said–the Penguins look really good. A valiant effort nonetheless from PK Subban and company.

3 Stanley Cup championships now for Sidney Crosby. Think that has to cement him in the Top 5 all time greats. I’m just glad that Frankie was able to get the scoop here. Game 1 starts tomorrow night.