100% Chance You Will Never See A Weirder Strikeout Than This

This is an all-time Jimbo. This happened in the Hartford Yard Goats (GREAT Logo) and the Binghamton Rumble Ponies with Nolan Arrenado’s cousin, Josh Fuentes, at the plate. Cory Burns, pitcher for the Rumble Ponies (another great name), slips while throwing the pitch, decides to hold off on throwing it to the plate, and spikes the ball into the ground. Fuentes, being a jokester, swings at the pitch as it is rolling towards the catcher. UMP CALLS HIM OUT.

Now in the footage after the ump calls him out, you don’t see the manager come out, but you have to believe that he stormed out to give the ump a piece of his mind. Do you get mad at the ump for calling that a strike? I mean I guess technically he swung, but jesus christ man. The ball was crawlingggggg to the plate. I guess technically the ball is live? Such a weird play.

On the other hand, Fuentes had no clue that the ump would be such a hardo and follow the rules that close. When would it have been okay for him to “swing” at that? After the catcher touches it? What happens if the ball stops and then he swing? Is that still an out? I’d still be furious if I was in Fuentes’ shoes, but maybe don’t try and be a joker and enjoy a game, that is on him.

IDK man, but a LOL funny play, but not for the Yard Goats. At least CB Bucknor wasn’t the ump, he probably would have said it was a strike before Fuentes swung.